+ How is TzR Score calculated ?
TzR score is calculated based on the verifiable identity of the service owner, reputation, payout policy, website features and etc.
But the greatest factor is verifying the identity of the service owner as it plays a major role in decreasing the risk of scam operations.
+ Why fee and bond size are not factored in calculation of TzR score ?
Because scammers may have the highest amount of bond and even 0% fee as they try to absorb more investment.
We do not want to use factors which may enable scammers to get a high TzR score in our system.
+ Why long payout intervals are bad ?
Long payout intervals are bad for several reasons:
1. The unpaid tokens are baked in the delegation account but rewards are not paid to deleguees. it may be insignificant, but it is unethical.
2. It allows scammers to accumulate the rewards and close the shop when payment time arrives.
3. If payouts are manual, it shows technical incompetency of the baker as it is possible to do the payouts automatically every cycle with little effort.
In our view, the only reasonable payout interval is processing the payments immediately after they are released on the blockchain.